Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors on the Move

(NC) It may have been a while since you boarded a flight to see family and friends. If you’re planning a holiday visit or looking to escape the snow, here are some travel tips that may help.

Arrive early. When planning your departure, it’s easy to forget the time it may take to park, get checked in and get through security. For those flying to the US, add customs to that list. It’s best to arrive at your departing airport well in advance of your flight – two hours ahead for domestic flights and three hours in advance for US and international ones.

Remember liquid restrictions. Items that pour, spray or spread – anything liquid, aerosol or gel – are limited to a maximum 100 ml per container in your carry-on bag. These items include things like beverages, personal care products such as shampoo, and non-solid food items. Place them in a clear, one-litre resealable bag (one per passenger) and be ready to remove this bag from your carry-on so screening officers can inspect it.

Don’t stress about carry-on medication. Prescription and essential non-prescription medications, such as contact lens solution or cough syrup, are exempt from the 100ml limit. They don’t need to be placed in the one-litre bag. You should still pack them so they can easily be removed from carry-on baggage for inspection.

Leave gifts unwrapped. If you’re travelling with gifts, leave them unwrapped in your luggage in case they need to be inspected.

Look at screening lane options. When you arrive at the airport screening checkpoint, check if the family/special needs lane is available since it has more space and support than standard lines. Screening officers are available if you need help or if you need more time to get through security.

Opt for easy-to-remove outerwear. Remove outer layers such as hats, coats, gloves and scarves and place them in a bin before going through security. To prevent setting off the metal detector, avoid belts with large buckles and limit jewelry to small earrings, watches and rings.

Find more information on the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority’s mobile app or