How We Can Help With Your Estate Sale

A large house with an "Estate Sale" sign on the front lawn

We understand that selling an Estate property can be a difficult process for all family members. The Downsize with Us Team is not only well trained to deal with the family of the estate sale at hand, but we take the time to carefully explain our specific courses of action and the steps that need to be taken.   With our Estate Sale expertise, including being Accredited Senior Certified Real Estate Agents, we will guide you through the entire process from start to finish by relieving as much of the burden from you as possible.     

What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale or Estate Liquidation is a sale or auction to dispose of a substantial portion of the materials and real estate owned by a person who is recently deceased or who must dispose of their personal and real estate property to facilitate a move.  An example of this would be because the property owner will be moving or has moved into a new residence where they will be unable to keep their property. These could be an assisted living facility, a retirement community, a rest home or the home of a family member, or in the event of a divorce, foreclosure or relocation.


The most common reason for an estate sale is the death of the property owner and the subsequent need to liquidate the deceased’s belongings for a number of reasons.   When dealing with Estate Sales, our team is trained to assist the family members of the deceased in the cleanup of the home, the preparation of the home for sale and also introducing the family to reputable estate and auction specialists should they require it.    As well, we can recommend an assortment of other professional specialists who we work with in the areas of legal, accounting, decluttering and property maintenance.   Dealing with our team can be a one stop shop. However, many families also have their own specialists who we are more than happy to work together with.


These are the most common reasons for an estate sale: 

  • The survivors/heirs may have no interest in the bulk of the personal belongings left by the deceased
  • The survivors/heirs may lack space to keep the belongings
  • The survivors/heirs cannot agree to the dispositions of tangible property and therefore a court has ordered items to be sold, with the proceeds to be divided among the survivors (after the payment of the estate’s debts)
  • The will of the deceased may have mandated a sale of assets or the assets may have to be sold in order to pay all or part of the estate’s debts.


If you have an estate or estate sale you are dealing with, please give us a call – we will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss the selling process.  Our goal is to get you the highest value we can! We do not take any referrals from the list of specialists that we recommend – our intent is to provide you the very best service possible from the most highly trained specialists in the industry.  We strive to provide excellent service to the families involved and ensure that the possessions and the sale of the home are handled with dignity.   Quite simply, we care!


Quite simply, we care. Call us to get started.

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