First Time Home Buyers

Are you ready to move from your current situation to your own new home?  We know that nothing can feel quite as daunting for a first-time home buyer then their “first-time” – especially with the current market conditions. 

We know how important it is and how much is involved in this new venture, so we would like to start with a consultation where we fully understand your current wants and needs.  With this input we will then formulate a plan that will help you achieve your goal. With over 40 years of combined Real Estate experience, we have our finger on the pulse of the local real estate market, trends, and hidden gems.   

During the home buying process, it’s natural to get excited so a seasoned Real Estate Agent will help keep your emotions in check and help you make rational decisions.  We will guide you through the process and ask you a few important questions to start the process and develop the plan:

  • Did you speak to the bank and get pre-approval?
  • What can you comfortably afford?
  • Do you have an RRSP?
  • Have you or your partner purchased a home in the past four (4) years?
  • How long will you live in this house?
  • What specific Features must the home have to suit you and your family's needs?
  • Do you have a specific neighborhood you would like and is it affordable?
  • Is the School District important now or in the future?
  • Is transit easily accessible?
  • How long would your commute be?

We provide home buyers with expert advice (including our First Time Home Buyers Guide), accurate market, and property information, and promote access to coveted and exclusive properties. A good Real Estate Agents expertise can protect you from any pitfalls that you might encounter during the process. 

As a first-time home buyer, you may qualify for the CMHC - First Time Home Buyer Incentive  offered by the government. 

Still not sure where to start? Reach out and let's help you get started!

Simone: 905-339-7709   Marie: 416-899-0289