How We Can Help You With Your New Life Stage

You are now at the point in your life where it’s about you… empty nester or spouse is gone; the house is either too big or you just don’t want to deal with taking care of it anymore. So, you talk it over with your partner, friends and family and decide to downsize. It may be based on lifestyle, and perhaps the desire to build a bigger nest egg for yourself and your family. Some of us may be facing health challenges or perhaps you are working through the loss of a spouse, a separation or divorce. Maybe you have financial reasons that necessitate your decision to downsize.

For most Canadians, their home is their nest egg, their biggest and safest investment, and their retirement fund. As Real Estate Sales professionals specializing in Boomer and Senior Real Estate services, our goal is to help you downsize your life - whether it's sell your home for the most money or buy or rent your next home. We follow a five-step process that relies on listening to and understanding your and your family’s needs throughout the transition and selling process of downsizing.

We'll start by understanding your end goal asking important questions – where, why, when, and how are you planning to make this move. We will listen carefully to what you want and need and help guide you to achieve your end goal. We will recommend the most qualified professional services, from financial planning to legal, home care providers to community services, we focus on your needs